Correctional Telecare Solutions
Foster Plaza Center
651 Holiday Drive
Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Correctional TeleCare Solutions is a division of H&R Group, LLC.

“As the country struggles to control healthcare costs, telemedicine arises as one of the methods by which these costs can be reduced without compromising the quality of care.”
-Sam Rahman, President and CEO, Correctional TeleCare Solutions

Welcome to the official web site of Correctional TeleCare Solutions.  CTS is a Pennsylvania-based company that provides comprehensive telemedicine services to the correctional industry and populations in rural areas.  Our services consist in equipping healthcare providers with "connected" medical devices for use in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients in other locations.

In an industry coping with rising costs, expanding market demand, and higher customer expectations, healthcare providers must meet the challenge of effectively managing patient demand while delivering top quality healthcare in the most cost-efficient manner.

The role we perform in addressing this conundrum is that of utilizing telemedicine to bring high quality, low-costing healthcare to areas where specialists have not been readily available.  We want to make superior services available to the masses by reducing costs through our innovative technology.  Quality healthcare should not be a luxury.  It should be the standard. 

Our distinctive feature is our champion philosophy.  A venture such as this requires an experienced “champion” to offer communities and healthcare providers customized and effective solutions, and to continuously oversee programs to make sure they are working properly. A champion devotes time and effort to make things happen: supervising, scheduling, providing support when things go wrong, etc.  CTS guarantees this commitment.  Our team is comprised of some of the leading pioneers in modern telemedicine and we all believe in telemedicine’s potential to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing costs to the general public.

In addition to tackling current healthcare problems within the United States, CTS has a far-reaching vision of contributing to the establishment of telemedicine on a global scale.   We aim to better individual health, community health, and human prosperity around the world.  Quality health care is a basic human right; we, at CTS, believe that telemedicine is the solution to make it available to all.